Biodiesel Initiative

The ASA Biodiesel Initiative monitors relevant issues and provides federal lobbying support, including active grassroots and communications efforts, on behalf of our biodiesel industry partners. Over the past several years, working closely with our industry partners, we have achieved tremendous success in establishing, implementing, and maintaining programs and policies such as the biodiesel tax credit, the expanded Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), the Bioenergy Program for Advanced Biofuels, and the Biodiesel Education Program. These programs and policies have enabled biodiesel to increase its production to over 1 billion gallons and growing and provided a vital market for U.S. soybean oil.

As a result, biodiesel’s presence and role in the market and in policy discussions at the federal level is now greater than ever. Likewise, the competitiveness of global vegetable oil markets has made biodiesel issues and policies a top priority for U.S. soybean farmers. With this success and growing presence come additional challenges and the need to remain actively engaged in support of the industry. The temporary status of the tax credit and the legal, regulatory, and legislative attacks on the RFS are two examples of the challenges facing biodiesel. Through the Biodiesel Initiative, ASA continues to utilize its resources to communicate to policymakers the need and the benefits of having a robust U.S. biodiesel industry.

Current members include: National Biodiesel Board, ADM, AGP, Renewable Energy Group and Louis Dreyfus