American Soybean Association
Founded 1920 • Organized 1925 • Incorporated February 28, 1946

Soybean farmers and extension workers founded the American Soybean Association in an effort to promote the crop and increase profit opportunities. After more than 90 years, the organization continues these important efforts.

Early soybeans presented farmers with production and marketing challenges. Gold, green, black, brown and mottled seeds grew on plants ranging from ground hugging vines to leggy stalks. Plants were difficult to harvest and pods shattered easily.

The small, uncertain supply made many processors unwilling to crush the beans. Feed manufacturers and customers were leery of using the soybean meal and cake in animal rations.
Through the American Soybean Association (ASA), early soybean farmers agreed that processors would underwrite the production of 50,000 acres at a guaranteed minimum price. With processors guaranteed a supply and farmers assured of a market, production increased.