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  • ASA supports reauthorization and increased mandatory funding for the Biobased Market Program in the 2013 Farm Bill; as well as the further development and promotion of the manufacturing and marketing of biobased products, including soy based products.
  • ASA also urges USDA to continue implementation and expansion of the federal BioPreferred procurement program and the biobased label.

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Biobased products, including soy ink, soy foam, and thousands of other products, represent an exciting and rapidly-growing market for soybean farmers. Fortunately, there are multiple federal programs that incentivize the growth of this market segment, including the Biobased Market Program and the BioPreferred Program.

The Biobased Market Program, established and expanded through previous farm bills, plays an important role in the development of the biobased products industry in the United States. By providing a procurement preference for federal government purchases, the program helps pull products into the market and encourages investment and development of biobased products. The Biobased Market Program received mandatory funding totaling $9 million for FY2008-2012. The 2013 Farm Bill passed by the Senate provides $15 million in mandatory funding for the program.

Section 9002 of the 2002 Farm Bill created the federal biobased products preferred procurement program (BioPreferredSM program). The program was updated in the 2008 Farm Bill. The program requires USDA to accelerate designation of categories of biobased products for procurement preference under the BioPreferred Program; establish a voluntary program under which the USDA authorizes producers of biobased products to use the label “U.S.D.A. Certified Biobased Product” and ensure that all federal agencies give preference to the purchase of biobased products designated by the Secretary of Agriculture. This is an effective and important program for promoting the emerging biobased industry, which has significant potential to enhance agricultural markets, displace foreign petroleum and fossil fuels, and contribute new “green” jobs to the economy.

The soybean industry is partnering with companies and investing resources into biobased product development. Funding from the farmers’ checkoff dollars, administered by the United Soybean Board and state checkoff boards, has been provided to companies for projects to develop soy biobased products.

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