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Field Trial Program

ASA is excited to welcome Valent U.S.A.Corporation as a new industry partner and supporter of the association’s efforts on behalf of US soybean farmers. One of the ways Valent is demonstrating their support for our association is through an opportunity for ASA members to participate in a field trial program to help address weed resistance challenges and advance soybean yields, while also providing members with the chance to try Valent’s Fierce(R) XLT Herbicide.

Growers from the following five states-IA, IL, IN, MO and OH –participated in the Fierce XLT Field Trial Program during the 2015 growing season. The information below contains details about the field trial requirements, enrollment information, grower responsibilities and compensation.

Growers who participated in the 2015 Fierce XLT Field Trial should read the details below under “Field Trial Reporting Details and Evaluation Form.”

At the end of this field trial program, ASA will report on the results of this research to all members.


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Valent will work with participating growers to conduct field trials that utilize their preemergence herbicide Fierce XLT to help growers address weed resistance challenges and increase yield.  Specifically, this program will evaluate how the application of Fierce XLT as part of a pre-plant burndown program or as a preemergence herbicide can increase yield potential by providing greater control of ragweed and Amaranthus. ASA and Valent will provide growers with a report on the total results of the field trials. Growers will also earn rewards for reporting field trial yield results and weed control by species. 

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  • Growers will need to devote 20 acres treated with Fierce XLT at 4 oz/A and 20 acres treated with their standard herbicide program. The total 40 acres must be contiguous and uniform in fertility, weed pressure and all agronomic practices (other than the herbicide program).
  • A post-emergence herbicide program can be applied uniformly over the entire 40 acres if needed.
  • Upon completion of the enrollment form, a complimentary supply of Fierce XLT used for this specific field trial program will be provided free of charge to growers selected to participate in the field trial.
  • If field is reduced tillage, an effective burndown program must be applied with the Fierce XLT.
  • Growers will be required to allow a Valent representative to visit the test plot, take photos and gather agronomic data.
  • Grower must be able to harvest with a yield monitor and provide a yield map of the two treatments.
  • Growers must carefully review the field trial protocol, or program requirements, and complete the online enrollment form from Valent.
  • Growers MUST sign up to participate by March 27 2015. Enrollment limited to 75 participants.

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Thank you for your participation in the Valent Fierce® XLT Soybean Herbicide Field Trial Program for ASA members.

Growers who participated in this program should complete the online evaluation form to report the results from the Fierce XLT field trial on your farm. Valent also encourages each field trial participant to email at least one photo showing the comparison between the Fierce XLT treated acres and acres treated with your standard herbicide program to (See tips for taking photos under the below “Grower Compensation” section). Once the online evaluation form has been submitted, you will receive a $100 gift card and Fierce XLT jacket mailed to the contact information you provide.

A few of the agronomic details you will be requested to report in the field trial evaluation are listed below.

  • Planting date
  • Competitive herbicide program used (including rates)
  • Yield on acres in field trial – FierceXLT treated acres vs. acres treated with competitive herbicide program
  • Soil Questions – pH, O.M. and Texture (clay, silty clay, sandy clay, loam, sandy loam, etc.)
  • Overall satisfaction with FierceXLT herbicide
  • Satisfaction Rating for the Residual Control provided by FierceXLT Herbicide
  • Satisfaction Rating for the Tough or Resistant Weed Control of FierceXLT Herbicide
  • Overall comparison rating of FierceXLT treated acres to standard preemergence herbicide program
  • Types of weeds identified in the acres treated with the standard preemergence herbicide compared to FierceXLT treated acres
  • Side by side photos of the treated vs. untreated fields are also helpful to the evaluation.

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*Evaluation Form Due Dec. 15, 2015*

Please contact the ASA office at (314) 576-1770 and ask for Michelle Hummel or Kathie Mullen if you have any questions. You may also email your questions to or

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  • To complete the field trial program and receive compensation, growers must complete the online field trial evaluation form
  • Valent also encourages farmers to submit pictures from their farm showing the treated vs. untreated area. Photos should be emailed to


  • Field trial photos and the online evaluation form should be submitted as soon as possible, or by Dec. 15, 2015 at the latest.
  • Once ASA has received your online evaluation form,  a FierceXLT jacket and a $100 Visa gift card will be mailed to you.