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Graphics Standard Guide

July 1999, Revised January 2005

The American Soybean Association is a national, not-for-profit, grassroots membership organization that develops and implements policies to increase the profitability of its members and the entire soybean industry. In order to preserve ASA’s unique identity and vision, this Graphic Standards Guide has been developed for express instruction on compliant use of the ASA Signature.

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ASA-logo-notagSignature Elements

The American Soybean Association “Signature” is comprised of two elements:


These “Signature” elements are arranged in a fixed visual relationship & may never be altered.

  • The Logotype may not be used independently of the Stylized ASA Bean Symbol.
  • The Stylized ASA Bean Symbol may not be used alone.

Adherence to these standards will ensure the image conveyed through the Signature will be enhanced over the years. The Signature must be applied to all uses in a consistent manner, in order to foster a strong, consistent image. Color, typography, and layout all play an important role in maintaining this image.

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Signature Placement

The complete Signature (Stylized ASA Bean Symbol and Logotype) should always be used together.

Signature Color, Space, Size Requirement


The following are the color requirements for the ASA Signature utilizing the Pantone Matching System® (PMS) colors. It is imperative the PMS standard is adhered to at all times. There are no variations.

Signature Colors – Official

  • Stylized ASA Bean Symbol = PMS 138
  • Logotype = PMS 356
  • Digital Color Stylized Bean Symbol = R-255, G-158, B-15 (FF9E0F)
  • Digital Color Logotype = R-0, G-101, B-50 (006532)

When using the American Soybean Association Signature in one color, print both Stylized ASA Bean Symbol and Logotype in black ink.

The American Soybean Association Signature, if printed on a background color other than black, should appear in black. When using a reverse-out process, both the Stylized ASA Bean Symbol and Logotype are reversed to white on black.


The American Soybean Association Signature may be embossed, debossed or etched in any material selected to disseminate the ASA Signature on promotional items. Though there are no color specifications, if the embossing/debossing/etching is created with a color fill-in, the ASA approved colors must be used. (Exceptions: gold, silver and bronze as fill-ins.) The finished product must always be illustrative of high quality, legibility, depth and definition.

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Image Output Requirements

It is imperative the image of the ASA Signature be legible and discernible. If the ASA Signature is too small, it loses clarity and definition.

  • If using a 600 dots per inch (dpi) printer, the Signature cannot be any smaller than 1-1/2 inches wide (9 picas).
  • If using a 300 dpi printer, the Signature cannot be any smaller than 2 inches wide (12 picas).

Low resolution bitmapped files DO NOT provide the clarity and definition needed for the ASA Signature.

Use of ASA Signature

Unauthorized use of the ASA Signature is prohibited. Individuals/organizations wishing to utilize the ASA Signature must contact the Communications Department, American Soybean Association, 12125 Woodcrest Executive Drive, St. Louis, MO 63141 in writing, by phone (314) 576-1770 or via electronic mail for authorization.

The American Soybean Association Graphic Standards Guide provides direction and consistency when using the ASA Signature. Consistency reinforces the impact of ASA messages to membership and consumers. Requests that are not addressed in the Guide or that go beyond the established guidelines herein should be directed to the ASA Communications Department. Requests will be carefully and openly considered.

Inappropriate Signature Embellishments/Variations

Embellishments and variations of the American Soybean Association Signature must be avoided. A few examples of alterations which the American Soybean Association will not allow are illustrated below:

  • Do Not alter the size relationship or position of the Stylized ASA Bean Symbol to the Logotype.
  • Do Not alter the Logotype or reset “American Soybean Association” in any other typeface.
  • Do Not hyphenate, separate or stack the ASA Signature.
  • Do Not capitalize all letters in “American Soybean Association” company logos.
  • Do Not use imperfect or poorly shot reproduction artwork of the ASA Signature.

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Reproduction Materials

The ASA Signature is available in printed and electronic formats. Reproduction “slicks” (assorted sizes, camera-ready) may be obtained by contacting the ASA Communications Department. Electronic copies may be retrieved from the ASA Website at

Web Publication

Proper Usage in Color or Black & White

The ASA Signature may be reproduced for the web, or other electronic media, subject to the general constraints for logo elements and colors used for printed media.

The examples below depict two popular web sizes for ASA Signature reproduction. The ASA Signature may be reproduced at any size as long as the proportions are not altered or distorted.


4.167 x 2.097 inches or 300 x 151 pixels at 72 pixels per inch


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Transparent GIFs

Below are two additional examples showing the ASA Signature with a transparent background over a full-color image. The example on the right also features a drop-shadow. Both of these uses are acceptable for reproduction as long as the ASA Signature is overprinting a larger image.


Reverse Image, Truncated Type

Here are three examples of incorrect ASA Signature usage. The ASA Signature must not be used in reverse, regardless of color(s). Also, the type “American Soybean Association” must never be deleted or replaced with any other type or image.

ASA-logo-wrong1 ASA-logo-wrong2 ASA-logo-wrong3

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Printed Applications: Letterhead, Business Forms, Publications

Please contact the ASA Communications Department for information on use of the ASA Signature on letterhead, business forms, business cards, promotional items and publications.

American Soybean Association
Communications Department
12125 Woodcrest Executive Drive, Suite 100
St. Louis, Missouri 63141
Tel: 314-576-1770
Fax: 314-576-2786



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ASA Logo Art Files with tag line and Registered Trademark – Color

ASA Logo Art Files with tag line and Registered Trademark – Black & White/Grayscale



ASA Logo Art Files with Registered Trademark – Color

ASA Logo Art Files with Registered Trademark – Black & White/Grayscale


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